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There is an unbelievable amount of social media blogs out there and it’s hard shifting through all of them. It can actually get overwhelming. So, I’m going to save you the trouble and post the 10 blogs that I think are worth following:

  1. Heidi Cohen
  2. Jeff Bullas
  3. Jeff Korhan
  4. Pushing Social
  5. Simply Zesty
  6. Social Caffeine
  7. Social Media Examiner
  8. spiderworking.com
  9. Very Official Blog
  10. Viral Blog

I chose the above blogs based on content and visual attractiveness. For me, a blog should be easy on the eyes. When a webpage is very busy, I tend to get overwhelmed by it. I also think that it should be easy to find old posts and other information such as external links.

The way the blogs are written is also an important factor for me. People tend to scan information and I’m guilty of that too. So I am generally drawn to blogs that are shorter. If the blog post needs to be long, it should still be easy to read through if they are broken up into many shorter paragraphs.

And of course, content is vital. I’m in charge of exploring and implementing a social media strategy for the company I work for. When I explored all these blogs, I chose the ones whose content are relevant to me. For example, I came across a social media blog focused on PR Agencies. I’m sure they have a lot of useful information, some of which might come in handy for me at a later time. But for what I need right now, this blog was clearly not for me.

But not only does the content need to be relevant, it should also be well written and interesting. Catchy headlines “catch” my attention. What a surprise! I’ve come across some blogs where there are a lot of spelling and/or grammatical errors, which is such a turn off for me. I’ve also come across blogs where the blogger sounds like he/she is “ranting” rather than “blogging”. I strongly believe that if you want people to read your blog, you need to learn how to soften your tone.

The 10 blogs which I have included in my blogroll have passed my requirements. They’re well laid out, interesting, relevant and well written.

Happy reading!