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Social media isn’t just about having an online community for your customers. What about your employees? Perhaps a little less obvious but they’re their company’s stakeholders as well.

It’s not new knowledge that employees who are happy and engaged are more productive and more likely to work hard to help their organization achieve its goals.

Trust is a huge factor in employee satisfaction and level of engagement. Yet, a lot of companies block social media sites for fear that their employees will spend too much time on it. Where’s the trust?

IBM is one company that has embraced social media and instead of taking it away from their employees they encourage their employees to blog.

Absolutely, there are issues that could arise from this. But the key is to have a clearly understood policy of what is considered acceptable and what isn’t. The reality is, employees will blog and post comments regardless of company’s support. However, by supporting the use of social media and having a policy in place, the company can mitigate the risks associated with it.

To take it a step further, should companies implement an internal social network? I am personally exploring this idea for our company and I agree with this article that giving employees an outlet to exchange ideas and discuss current processes can lead to higher engagement levels. And who knows, there might be some great ideas floating around that could help the company grow or save money.

What do you think about social intranet or blogging? Do you think it will make employees more engaged? Or do you think it might actually cause more issues than the company is prepared for?